select st_distance(point(0,0),point(1,1));
select st_distance(point (120.10591, 30.30163),point(120.13026,30.25961));
mysql 5.6 添加

select st_distance_sphere(point(0,0),point(1,1));
select st_distance_sphere(point (120.10591, 30.30163),point(120.13026,30.25961));
This function was added in MySQL 5.7.6.



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ST_Distance_Sphere(g1g2 [, radius])

Returns the mimimum spherical distance between two points and/or multipoints on a sphere, in meters, or NULL if any geometry argument is NULL or empty.

Calculations use a spherical earth and a configurable radius. The optional radius argument should be given in meters. If omitted, the default radius is 6,370,986 meters. An ER_WRONG_ARGUMENTS error occurs if the radius argument is present but not positive.

The geometry arguments should consist of points that specify (longitude, latitude) coordinate values:

  • Longitude and latitude are the first and second coordinates of the point, respectively.

  • Both coordinates are in degrees.

  • Longitude values must be in the range (-180, 180]. Positive values are east of the prime meridian.

  • Latitude values must be in the range [-90, 90]. Positive values are north of the equator.

Supported argument combinations are (PointPoint), (PointMultiPoint), and (MultiPointPoint). An ER_GIS_UNSUPPORTED_ARGUMENT error occurs for other combinations.

If any geometry argument is not a syntactically well-formed geometry byte string, an ER_GIS_INVALID_DATA error occurs.

mysql> SET @pt1 = ST_GeomFromText('POINT(0 0)');
mysql> SET @pt2 = ST_GeomFromText('POINT(180 0)');
mysql> SELECT ST_Distance_Sphere(@pt1, @pt2);
| ST_Distance_Sphere(@pt1, @pt2) |
|             20015042.813723423 |

This function was added in MySQL 5.7.6.

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